C-Series C12


The M-SYS-TWO. This combination of the M8 and the B15 is probably one of the most compact ways of putting our idea of a system into practice. It’s a complete system with a sound quality that you’d usually expect from systems operating with active crossover – a passive high-end sound system in mini-format. And to finnish off the package there are two dollies for the B15s, a carrying bag for two M8s, two distance poles and a set of cables included. Simply everything you need.

A combination for maximum e ect and effi ciency – the M12 tailored to mid-high performance and the B30 with an unbeatable ratio of volume weight to output. Plus an amp rack with two system ampliers, a patch panel, cables and two distance poles. It can be extended with up to six more M12s and six B30s if need be – all without needing any more amps!

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