C-Series C12


Top class with plug’n’play. Always and everywhere matched together.
And welcome everywhere, too. The PA-SYS-ONE is our proven all-round sound system on the modular principle – with two T24N tops, four B30 subwoofers and a system amp rack with patch panel and set of cables, this is the all-round, no-worries package for takeoff.

You can even transport a complete PA-SYS-ONE in the back of a van. Loading and unloading, setting up and dismantling can be done by just one person.

But to become a classic it needs more unique properties: Whether for jazz, rock or techno, soul or classical music, whether in a small club, a theatre, a church or an open-air event, as a main PA, a drum fill or a side fill, the PA-SYS-ONE just keeps on rockin’.

And if one PA-SYS-ONE isn’t enough, you can just simply add another one. Alternatively you can drive up to four T24Ns and eight B30s with one system amp rack. Or just extend the system in the infra bass range with BSX and additional amplifiers.
All these attributes make the PA-SYS-ONE a real classic.

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